V2PAY April 2019. V2PAY Founder Bill Field & V2PAY shareholders are being Blackmailed by what is now know as criminal proceeds of crime lender Like all companies when you set out you attract shareholders , then off to lenders to get you underway. in V2PAYS case it unknowingly borrowed from an unlicensed criminal Lending network . The loan was signed off by the founder Bill Field . Only to recently find out that the Unlicensed Hatpalm & Starwist of QLD Australia are proceeds of criminals lenders. Assisted by the criminals inhouse lawyer Wesley Hill of QLD who provides the ammunition for the Blackmail to gain hundreds of thousands in payday lending interest charges . Then there is the baseball bat wielding gutter collection thug Ray Powell who likes to portray himself as Detective Raymond Arthur Powell and Investigator Ray Powell. to ensure they extract the money they engage the willing platform wikifraud to make it all look legitimate and maximize the pressure. The Good news is , we have alerted the major
May 16, 2013

V2PAY Group is thrilled to have been awarded "Best Mobile Payment Program" by the Smart Card Awards.
May 14, 2013
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