Drive more revenue from your ATM

Well known within the banking industry as flat earners, the global ATM network is under utilised and presents an opportunity to leverage the global footprint of over 2.5 million ATMs to offer a range of services, to drive transaction values and volumes.

Whilst average ATM running costs are down substantially on a number of years ago, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to derive revenue from an ATM network as owners face many market challenges, including:

  • Increasing costs of deployment

  • Increasing site rentals

  • Fee-free networks eroding margins

  • Costs of compliance and network upgrades continue to grow

ATMs command some of the most premium commercial real estate locations on the planet.

To truly derive yield from these intelligent machines, there is a need to match the evolving needs of the consumer with a broader range of services, and in turn deliver incremental revenue opportunities for ATM network owners.

The V2ATM Solution provides a platform to empower ATM network owners to derive incremental revenue from sources such as, instant Global Money Transfer, Digital Advertising, Coupons and issuance of instant Debit Cards.

Global Cardless Withdrawal Solution

V2PAY Group has access to extensive ATM networks, both banks and independents, across the globe.

V2PAY Group works with network owners to provide cardless withdrawal solutions that enable the unbanked and underbanked customers to use the global ATM network to instantly receive money transfers.

This not only delivers a closed loop of financial accountability within the money transfer industry, but enables banks to gain share in the lucrative money transfer market, whilst generating revenue from every money transfer that is collected through that ATM.

Digital Advertising

Target the right customers.

ATMs deliver a captured audience during the transaction process and offers unique and targeted advertising opportunities to interact with consumers. This audience can be influenced by both approach and departure screens and most importantly, during the 20 second transaction process that is available for messaging by video or slide.

What can you do with

20 seconds?

With approximately 20 seconds available for advertising during each transaction, ATMs offer a captured audience environment with unique and targeted ways to interact with

By the numbers, 20 seconds means

200 trillion

seconds annually of "please wait".



Other Digital Advertising