Secure, prepaid cards at your customers' fingertips

V2CARD means Virtual 2 CARD. A brand new technology for today's 'instant, on demand, world' V2PAY'S V2CARD system enables customers to be able to create a live, prepaid debit card, online, instantly.

Gone are the days of needing to apply for a physical card, wait for that card to be approved and then finally delivered to the customer.

V2CARD technology means that a customer can instantly create a prepaid debit card for themselves online, with that card being ready to use within minutes of creation. This new Virtual card, now lives in your phone, rather than in your wallet.

Currently these customers are disadvantaged, because they are unable to purchase and transact online, because they don't have a bank account, a credit card or a debit card. WHY? Identity is the key!

Unbanked and underbanked customers can become fully identified and verified by our V2ID electronic verification technology. Once verified, a customer can then instantly create a V2CARD. This gives customers the freedom to transact online in a fully secure way. Buy goods online, pay a bill online, all from your prepaid Virtual Debit Card.

Key Benefits

  • Unbanked and unidentified customers can become verified through our V2ID electronic verification system and then transact online
  • Create a card instantly for single use purchases or transactions
  • Create multi-use card that enables ongoing top ups for regular transactions and payments
  • Create a card in which ever currency you choose to reduce higher transaction fees
  • Create multi currency cards that can be easily reloaded
  • The customer can personalise their card with their own images
  • V2CARDS be created in all card types :
    • VISA
    • China Union Pay
    • MasterCard
    • Amex
    • JCB
    • Diners

Key Features

  • Creation of prepaid virtual debit card in all card types
  • Instant online card creation
  • Exact same creation process and capabilities as a normal debit card
  • Same format as any prepaid debit card currently in use, without the need for the physical plastic
  • One use, one currency or
  • Multi-use, multi currency
  • Reloadable
  • Personalise your own cards with custom images
  • One use card, one value to enable online purchases for unbanked customers
  • Create long life virtual card
  • Maximum limit USD $300,000

Who is V2CARD for?

  • Unidentified and unbanked customers
  • Foreign workers living abroad who don't have a bank account
  • People paid in cash (underbanked)
  • Travelers etc.
  • Workers who live in remote locations that need to be paid regularly

How it works

Funding a V2CARD

Funding a V2CARD is easy! A customer can fund the virtual card in the following ways:

  • Cash over counter
  • From mobile wallet
  • From bank account
  • From existing debit/credit card


Using a V2CARD

Works exactly the same as a physical card, without the plastic.

  • Normal 16 digit card with CCV and expiry
  • Shows card holders name
  • Shows value of card
  • Shows currency the card has been created in

How do I transact with a virtual card?

Online purchases

For online purchases, you would enter the card information of your virtual card, just the same way as you would if you had a physical card. You provide:

  • Card name
  • Card type
  • 16 digit card number
  • CCV (security number)
  • Card expiry date

Retail purchases over the counter

For over the counter purchases, simply follow these easy steps:


Present your virtual card to the cashier on your phone and advise that you will be paying with a virtual debit card


Once the cashier enters the amount of your purchase, select the CREDIT button on the POS terminal


Rather than swiping a physical card, at this point, you simply enter the 16 digit number on your virtual card, then press enter into the point of sale (POS) terminal keypad


Then enter confirm for the amount of the purchase


Then enter the 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) from your card to confirm payment


The POS terminal will verify the card details in exactly the same way that it does when a card is swiped through the card reader


The virtual card is verified and the purchase amount is deducted from the balance of the virtual card and the transaction is complete

What phones can use a Virtual card?

  • The V2CARD solution works on all mobile platforms
  • The V2CARD system also works for people who do not have smartphones.

For these customers, once the virtual card is created, it is delivered as two SMS messages, containing the exactly the same information of 16 digits that represent the card number as well as an SMS with the CCV number (security number) and card expiry date.

The only real difference is that the owner of the normal phone, does not receive the image of the virtual card.

Why is V2CARD perfect for Banks?

Your branding, our
award-winning technology

V2CARD is a 'white label' software solution built for the banking industry. It enables banks to offer the V2CARD solution under their own brand, to attract new customers, particularly from the billions in the unbanked sector.

V2CARD is the only virtual card product that can deliver fully verified, unbanked customers to the global banking network, via our unique V2ID ID verification system.


Banks can now issue virtual cards to customers, either for one off use or multiple use, at significantly reduced costs than the current costs to acquire and verify a new customer and then issue them with a new physical debit card.

For all banked customers, using the V2CARD solution to create an instant virtual debit card to use online, rather than their primary credit/debit card, helps protect themselves from possible online theft or identity fraud. The creation of a supplementary card or a "drone" card (as we call it), protects the integrity of the primary card, by never allowing it to be exposed to the online e-commerce environment

V2CARD has been built to enable banks to cost effectively acquire fully verified unbanked customers. This reduces the costs of acquisition, whilst complying with global AML & KYC laws, which enables a bank to grow its customer base significantly, by tapping into the billions of unbanked customers globally.

Banks can then cross-sell other bank products to these new customers to create a deeper financial relationship with that customer, all while growing the base participation market significantly.