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  V2PAY is evolving to become a Global Digital Bank by 2020

V2PAY Overview & Financials Summary 2019

V2PAY  has a 15 year progressive evolution  as a financial services solutions developer, evolving to become a Bank

Founder : Bill Field 2005.  Bill Field is the majority shareholder and has an investment of  USD $15,843,838 in V2PAY  between 2006-2019

What is V2PAY valuation ? 2019 Independent Chartered Accountant. V2PAY Valuation  Between USD $88,000,000 Million & USD $132,000,000 Million 

Investment by all shareholders 2006-2019 = AUD $2,400,000 No investment since 2014 

Executive team 7

Loans to V2PAY  = AUD $1,264,875

Capital drawings by Bill Field 2005-2019 = average $112k P/A 

Investor growth value  20 - 30 Times investment 

No new investors added since 2014 


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to produce state-of-the-art solutions that enable traditional industries using traditional methodologies to embrace the ever-changing consumer landscape that is driven by convergence technologies. Smartphones have redefined the way we communicate, the way we do business and the way we transact.

V2PAY Digital Money 

A White Label Solution

V2PAY Global Payment Solutions are developed as "white label" solutions that enable businesses to leverage the familiarity and awareness of their own brand with their customer base, whilst using the V2PAY system solution at the back end to provide access to the smartest payment and transactional technology solutions available on the market today.

The V2PAY Global Payment Solutions have been designed and engineered to integrate and comply with existing global financial infrastructure and processes.