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G00bits  acquired V2PAY and its entities in 2018 for USD $283 Million 

Global Partners

G00bits.com will launch its global program late 2018 

G00bits  Has now 100% acquired V2PAY and its associated entities

G00bits is building the next generation of Crypto-shares an asset class program which will enable users to conduct a range of instant payments globally , trade G00bits, Invest into financial programs  instant global remittance  


V2PAY Digital Money  is a global technology company now acquired by G00bits for USD $283,000,000 USD  provides a portfolio of innovative solutions for the payments, banking and telecommunications industries. V2PAY develops, licenses (white label) and implements international remittance software, virtual debit card solutions and mobile recharge platforms to the financial sector, telecommunications sector and the wholesale and remittance sectors.

Many of the V2PAY developments will be included into the G00bits programs for launch in late 2018 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to produce state-of-the-art solutions that enable traditional industries using traditional methodologies to embrace the ever-changing consumer landscape that is driven by convergence technologies. Smartphones have redefined the way we communicate, the way we do business and the way we transact.

The V2PAY Digital Money  provides G00bits the software for Global Payment Solutions that enable businesses to operate and profit in this e-merging world.

A White Label Solution

V2PAY Global Payment Solutions are developed as "white label" solutions that enable businesses to leverage the familiarity and awareness of their own brand with their customer base, whilst using the V2PAY system solution at the back end to provide access to the smartest payment and transactional technology solutions available on the market today.

The V2PAY Global Payment Solutions have been designed and engineered to integrate and comply with existing global financial infrastructure and processes.