Your institution, greater reach

V2MERCHANT is a bespoke white label solution that V2PAY Group can offer for customers who require merchant services. Banks and financial institutions usually manage these processes internally, but where required, V2MERCHANT can provide a white label solution via a bank or through our global banking partner. V2MERCHANT can provide global merchant services including issuance, acquiring and FX services through our global banking partners. Processing can also be conducted within the bank under the white label solution.


Payment processing for credit & debit card payments

V2MERCHANT provides solutions for smooth processing of card-based payments.

These solutions offer full service of the highest standard for electronic payment processing as well as credit card processing.

  • Use of all important credit and debit cards
  • Secure data transmission and processing
  • Highest availability - also during peak periods
  • Effective risk management concepts
  • Secure data transmission and processing

Completely Virtual

The V2MERCHANT platform merely requires a PC or comparable device with internet access without the need for additional hardware and software.

  • Manual entering of card data is possible

  • No terminal hardware required

  • Highest security standards

  • Extensive functionality

Leverage V2CARD to secure payments

The V2CARD system can create virtual cards for all major credit card brands including:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

  • JCB

  • China Union Pay

  • Diners Club

Using existing global card issue and financial networks via ATM, EFTPOS and over the counter for instant and secure settlement.